Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Savannah Pt. 3

I love food; fast food, innovative food, foreign food, gourmet name it. So, I often judge a city by its restaurants. For basic comfort diner food and eclairs bigger than your head, Clary’s is the place to go. For a crappy tourist trap meal that comes frozen from Sysco, you might like to try The Pirate House. Quite frankly, this place sucks anymore. Nothing is fresh there anymore; all canned or frozen. Yup...the waiter told me so himself.

You”ll have to wait in line, and the interior isn’t fancy, but for good old fashioned home-cooked southern cooking, Mrs. Wilkes’ place is hard to beat.

My favorite restaurant in Savannah would have to be The Pink House. An elegant spin on southern classic food, this place is delicious.

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