Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Chateau Marmont: The equivalent of crack

I don't do drugs. I occasionally will have a beverage (as in alcoholic), but usually, I will just order water (would rather splurge the calories on a good dessert instead). So, although I have no personal experience with crack (as in the drug), I can tell you that staying at the Chateau is my personal equivalent of doing crack. It’s probably been at least 1-2 years since I’ve stayed there (although I’ve stopped by for lunch a few times, which is probably like smoking weed but not inhaling), so my recent 3-day stay left me craving more. I was thinking, “How can I justify another stay here as soon as possible?”

There are so many things I love about this place. The decor is pure vintage; and even the pieces that aren’t vintage are designed to look as if they have aged perfectly with this 1920’s landmark. The Chateau is also extremely laid-back; no stress here. Want to eat in the “living room” area for breakfast...no problem. Just sit on any sofa and order something tasty (and I do mean tasty) from the menu. The bacon here...hot damn. Bacon is my weakness, and the Chateau’s is incredible. Thick-sliced peppered bacon.

And then there’s the pool. Sure, it’s not very big, but the area is completely walled in with tropical plants. You have no idea that you are right on Sunset, one of the busiest and most annoying thoroughfares in Los Angeles. And did I mention that on this visit, the pool was PERFECTLY heated...as in...no time to let your body adjust to the temperature...just walk right on down those steps and do your laps!

Call me psycho, but I have always been fascinated by this little blue bulb and the light that it gives off to this area at night. I finally photographed it. Yup...I’m weird like that.

And when it comes to little touches, like orchids in the room, The Chateau does it better than the others...no fake florals here.

This time, my new discovery was eating next door at the Bar Marmont. The food is excellent over there, and as long as you get there early, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a table. The beautiful people don’t start showing up until around 9 or so anyway.

Anyone able to explain this from the men’s room?

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