Sunday, May 03, 2009

Riviera Hotel: The Palm Springs Version

I was recently in Palm Springs/Indian Wells for work. On the way out of town, I decided to try The Riviera Resort for breakfast before I headed back to San Diego. The look of this hotel has intrigued me; at night, it looks like something right out of Vegas.

The interior of this hotel was just as impressive (if not more) than the outside. Clean, sleek, trendy, vintage, modern...all in one!

Obviously, the intent of this hotel was to evoke the glamour of 1960’s Palm Springs, complete with mod portraits of the city’s Hollywood inhabitants, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Debbie Reynolds. Seeing the decor and design made me even more anxious to try the restaurant.

It was breakfast, so there wasn’t too much to really tax the chefs on the menu. However, for the prices being charged (which I would expect from this type of resort), for crying out loud, serve fresh-squeeze juice. I couldn’t believe it when my grapefruit juice came out and it tasted fresh...fresh out of the can. Little details like that really mean a lot. Still, looking around at the hipster-wannabes who were crowding around the pool, I had a feeling that the typical patron of this place may not know the difference. Would I want to stay here? Chances are slim. The type of crowd this hotel attracts are not my style; they may have money, but they definitely are short on taste and class. I prefer something a little more on the laid-back end.

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