Friday, June 19, 2009

My Favorite Addiction: The Chateau Marmont

I love going to Disneyland on my birthday, but even more so, I love going to the Chateau Marmont. This place is my most guilty addiction. It is one of the most peaceful and calming places. You feel the spirit of its legendary past while being able to enjoy modern amenities and service that keeps me returning. It never fails that as soon as I check out I am scheming as to how I can justify my next stay.

It’s always cool to stay in a room that is virgin to me...photographing it for the first time and seeing what cool little treasures decorate the suite. This time it was Room 48.

No comment on the foofy key chain, though.

For more Daveland Chateau Marmont photos, visit my regular website.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oldie but Goodie Interlude

As I continue with my plethora of other projects and procrastinate on the Lana Turner painting, I will post a painting I did eons ago of animal lover Tippi Hedren. To see more of my art, visit my regular website.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: Location, Location, Location

Last week I was able to attend a semi-sneak preview of Pixar’s latest genius creation, “Up” at the El Capitan in Hollywood. Those who know me know that without a nap, there is a 99.99% chance of me falling asleep during a movie. Add in the fact that the movie didn’t start until 11pm, and heck...I might as well just bring a pillow and blanket along!

Thanks to the Hollywood Roosevelt, crisis averted! Located about a block away from the El Cap, The Roosevelt is the perfect blend of history and hip. Many of the lobby and mezzanine areas hark back to the bygone days of Hollywood, while still maintaining a clean and contemporary feel.

Before my required pre-movie nap, I ate a DELICIOUS dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants, 25 Degrees. The caprese salad with watermelon slices melted in my mouth...and the cheese used sure beat the typical rubbery slices of mozzarella that one finds when dining out. As the Roosevelt states on their website, the decor is "bordello meets burger bar.” Be sure to try the #2 burger...pesto, tomato, and premium was in a happy food coma shortly thereafter!

My one regret about my stay was having to leave at 6am the next day to get back in time for work. So much for lounging at the pool! For more Daveland Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel photos, visit my regular website.