Friday, November 13, 2009

Memphis: Just a few more

On one of my early morning runs/photo shoots (great combo of activities!), I literally stumbled upon the site where Martin Luther King was killed over 40 years ago. With nobody around, it is somewhat chilling. Converted into a Civil Rights Museum, replicas of the two cars that were parked in front of the hotel make you feel as if you’d entered a time warp.

Later in the day, I returned to the site for a few more photos, hoping for better lighting. By this time, the museum was open and you could see Joe-Schmoe tourist walking around the rooms of the motel. Just didn’t seem right. I left shortly thereafter.

A very positive experience that I had in Memphis was being shown the Courthouse by an Officer on Duty. Even though it was closed, the recently restored building was opened up for me and my camera. How cool was that—a private guided tour! Thumbs up to Memphis hospitality!

If you’re looking for a great restaurant while in town, Daveland highly recommends the Majestic Grille, located in a former theater. You can still see remnants of the building’s past. Although it’s a shame to lose a vintage theater, adaptive re-use sure beats the wrecking ball!

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