Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Diego to Dallas to Philly, Pt. 1

Last Thursday I went to the San Diego airport at the crack of dawn, ready to fly home to Philly for my annual trip home to visit mom. Mother Nature had other ideas. A few early morning shots from the plane show the gorgeous sunrise over downtown San Diego and the perfectly picturesque cloud formations that I was able to capture through the window.

Flash forward a few hours later and you have these horrible shots of Dallas Forth Worth’s airport: talk about winter white! Fearing I might get stuck overnight in Dallas, it was a nailbiter as I sat on the plane for a few hours waiting for us to be cleared.

Once the plane got "de-iced" (which is a rather unsettling process!), I knew we’d be cleared for takeoff shortly. Feeling the wheels spin on the runway, I was saying my prayers!

Once I made it home, all was okay. The icicles and snow made for some beautiful photos, and the warm red of a male cardinal added some pizzazz!

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Anonymous said...

You have a great eye - lovely photographs.. Kathy Barner