Monday, April 12, 2010

Relaxing at The Riviera

In my “younger years,” Palm Springs held little fascination for me. However, as I get older, I sure do appreciate the forced relaxation that it thrusts upon its visitors. With the high temperatures and low amount of activities available, Palm Springs puts one into a state of lethargy which is very welcome after the stress of work and life’s other hurdles wear you down. On my most recent trip, I tried a different hotel, The Riviera Resort & Spa. I had admired the design in the past and decided to give it a whirl. Although I loved the decor and style, I feel no need to return. The service was friendly yet painfully slow (until checkout time, at which time housekeeping appeared in a twinkling!). For room service, each time a message had to be left; a return call took way too much time and too many follow-up phone calls. It lacked the intimacy of The Colony Palms, which is a result of the size of the property and the chic hipster vibe that it throws off. An enjoyable stay? Yes; would I recommend it? wouldn't hit the top of the list, and it wouldn’t fall to the bottom...let’s just say somewhere in between. It’s location is also a negative; just slightly too far to make it convenient to the shops and museums of downtown Palm Springs.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Solana Beach Train Station

Still haven’t done anything with the paints & canvas in awhile, so my photography will have to tide over my meager posts in the meantime. Recently, I have been using the train more in the interest of sustainability as well as a more relaxing journey. Here are some shots of the Solana Beach Train Station. I love the simple yet very stylish design. I would call this Modern Vintage!

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