Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finito Pt. 2 and The Next Painting

I couldn’t leave well enough alone...because "well enough" just isn't good enough for me. So, I let the painting sit for a week and I retooled John's face, which was the only part about this painting that didn't please me. Now I think I can actually let it rest and put the varnish on top.

My next painting is one I sketched out on canvas about 13 years ago. Yup...13 years ago. I can either complain about how slow I am or be happy that I am finally getting to it (i'll choose the latter!). This will be one of the towers of the West Baden Springs Hotel.

You can see photos of this historic resort on my West Baden page.

It sure feels good to be painting again. Follow my Daveland updates on Twitter. For more Daveland art, visit my regular website.

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